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My man is currently married to some chick (arranged marriage) the marriage was dead on arrival because he married for the wrong reasons. It was doomed even before I came along. Anyway we are currently engaged. Though his religion allows more than 1 wife, he is divorcing her. So I’m gonna be his only wife. The thing is though now I’m obsessed with him. Calmly obsessed, not noisy or with drama. I see him as an object that is mine, rather than a human being with thoughts and feelings. He’s mine and we will be together forever. And in this present life we will grow very old together. That man is so mine... lol. If anyone threatens our being together I would probably kill them. He will only have kids with me and I will only be pregnant and have kids with him. I’m obsessed in a way that is harmless to him, our future kids and myself, but fatal to anyone who would want to get between us. It is what it is.

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