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Obsession and attraction

I'm married... and I fancy someone I work with like an obsession. I've tried to avoid this colleague, but when I do he talks about me and that he can't understand what he's done wrong. When he talks to me I can't think straight and sound like an idiot. I've tried to be normal and talk to him like an acquaintance but his smile can literally break me. I can't stop thinking about this guy. I'm pretty sure he's much younger than me and that he has a family of his own. I just want to kill these feelings so I can concentrate on my marriage, my work, myself. I try to concentrate on other things, on myself, my health, but my mind is always wandering back. Why does my mind have to make everything so complicated?

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Re: Obsession and attraction

Congratulations. You are popular and sought-after. Isn’t it wonderful? You’re married and you have a work boyfriend. Look I don’t advocate cheating but here’s the thing I haven’t had sex in 10 years so the fact that you have two men who are into you to me is like winning the jackpot of the billion dollar lottery or finding a large suitcase field with hundred dollar bills in US currency. One day, you will get too old and wise to understand what love means and you will have other priorities. Enjoy being beautiful and loved and wanted and needed. It’s a great thing.