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For 8 years i sacrificed everything i could to better the lives of two people i was still getting to know . One being my step daughter, and the other ended up being my wife ( now ex). I am a very keen observer and i began noticing things that were off .. and as years went by it never left my mind that something was off . to make a very long story as short as I can , I caught her lying about women she was fucking on the side , she is in complete denial of being attracted to women . time and time again , lie after lie it came to a point before we split where we were no longer talking and she , low and behold had a new few female friends I had never met .. she would pick fights out of thin air so we would not talk, ( I work out of town) . At some point we began talking and she suggested bringing another woman into the bed , supposedly for me ( it wasnt) and that because of her generous action she in turn would get to have a four woman orgy ,alone ,and away from me .. to me this was her "big move" to be open about being gay and she fucked it all up ,for years like i had mentioned , she denied liking women and you couldnt catch her in the same room as anything to do with lesbianism .. yet i caught her in so many lies it was sad she had decided to behave this way, i confronted her as she really thought she was pulling some scam ..what would have happened had i gone along is this , she would be unabated to have lesbian sex as much as she wants with her girlfriend( legit) then eventually say shes formed a love and yada yada ,it was her out and i fucking peaced the fuck out on her and 8 years before she could insult me one final time . we now live apart and share a daughter. and she vehemently denies having any want for female sexual encounter ...yet the lawyer has the conversation and emails where she blew up and admitted ( FUCKING FINALY) and vindicated my suspicions. She ruined my life because she could not be honest , with me or herself . and even still she plays the facade,while i know shes actively having lesbian sex with the person whos loomed in the shadows our entire relationship. She is the most selfish dishonest person i have ever met . We talk , its amicable .. she needs my money and behaves like nothing happened .. shes a mirage and a liar ... and like it or not , a lesbian .

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