of all people i'd fall in love with, i fell in love with my best friend.

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im a female, a bi. and i fell in love with my female bestfriend, JV (this will be her alias).

i know, sounds typical. i just dont know who to say it to. we are in a group friend (consisting of 3 other females) and im scared that if i confess or tell one of our friends that i like JV, i'd make our whole friendship collapse. they all know that im bi and who my past crushes were. little do they know, all those crushes i said were just cover ups.

JV and i have been friends since grade 1. we were extremely close, even our parents. this all started 2 years ago, just in class. i just looked at her and just thought, "wow, never knew she was this beautiful" and there ya go. i slowly fell in love.

i dont know what to do with it. do i just try to forget about my feelings or get it out?