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Officer Abusive

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My father, a retired police officer, has emotionally and physically abused my mother throughout our entire lives. He has also done the same to my brothers and I. Despite my mother finally coming forward about the abuse, my brothers choose to side with my father in disbelief on her claims. He has been living in the basement for the past 2 years, despite knowing that my mom is seeking to divorce him. He lives in filth, does nothing to help anyone and continues to act as if nothing happened. He has built a career and reputation on his charismatic behaviours, and loud personality. He is heavily involved in Special Olympics, as well as teaching PTS courses to current officers. No one knows of his abusive ways, nor do people see him for what he is. He breaks down doors, leaves bruises on us, chases us around the house and still has the audacity to think that he is still above us all. I live at home to ensure that my mum remains protected, for I have decided to stand up against him time and time again when he has gotten too intense. I hate that people think that he is great, I hate that my brothers constantly protect him for his shameful behaviour. I hate that police officers and friends alike continue to praise him for being a 'good dad' and guy. My dad is a terror with a dated mentality; thinking women are stupid and beneath him. I wish he would move, I pray that he would. He has ripped a hole in our family because he won't own up to his actions. I know there's karma, but do I ever wish that the world knew him for what he truly is.