Okay vent

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I’m not really all that talented at...anything really, I wanna get into making webcomics but I’m afraid that cause of my lack of experience if I make something that flops it’ll make things harder for everyone else (like if someone reads what I make and decides to give up on webcomics cause of it, therefor other people suffer cause of it), will people like me as a person less if I make something that’s bad? I’ve been recommended by my therapist before that I probably shouldn’t get a “regular” job cause my GAD is so bad especially in social situations, and I guess I just expect to hurt and disappoint my friends any day now...again. Idk I’ve been in a bad spiral for the past few months I haven’t felt this way since 2019, I wanna open up but...I know that only really hurts others from personal experience but eh. At least there’s places like this where I can scream into the void anonymously haha...well um, I don’t know, climate change taking us out is inevitable at this point let’s be real and I’m 22 and haven’t accomplished anything so it’s kinda hard for me to Look forward to the future anymore. I think the most I can hope for is to somehow magically get picked up by internet algorithms or something, even if getting popular online would make my anxiety worse least I’d get a higher chance of getting payed