Older Women Self Harm

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When I moved to a new town and to a new house, I met an older woman. She was widowed and her son didn't speak to her anymore due to fights between him and her passed away husband. She was always so sweet and offered me food and would always invite me over. She was lonely and I became her only friend. But yesterday, I saw something.

She always wears long-sleeves but I guess she forgot to not roll them up because I saw she had self harmed on her arms by cutting. She turned red from embarrassment when she saw that I saw. She started to cry and said sorry over and over again and I hugged her. I don't know much about self harming. I don't know if she recently did this or if it's possible she did it before I met her. I don't know how to talk to her about it. She seemed very out of it and upset after she stopped crying. I... I really hope she didn't do it again after I left.