One sided love

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It's been almost five years yet I am unable to gather the courage to confront you that I love you. I've made things awkward between us and I know you don't feel the same way like I do about you. I know you like guys who are badass, rowdy and all but deep down I know that you like them so that you can feel safe amongst them. But I also know that you want a simple and loving guy not these nasty narcotics. You are in a dilemma and so am I. Everyday I open our dm to start a conversation but I can't always start the conversation because my self-respect denies it. People say that you don't care about your self respect when you are in love, but I do. It's often heard that one-sided love is best but let me tell you, it's a torture to you and to your mental health. Everyday when my phone beeps I hope it's a message from you. If there is god or presence of true love I hope that one day you will understand my feelings for you. I love you.