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Online Bf 2Yrs Never Met- Don’t Know Who He Is

I dated someone for 2 years that I met on an online gaming chat site. Even though we spoke about a future together multiple times and although he made promises to me and vise versa. I was always the one going on a limb for our relationship. Even buying a ticket to go see him and trying to make things right and to be together when we were going through a rough patch last year. I now know that he seemed to not want to have wanted the same things as me and that I was in the relationship far way deeper than he was. And it hurts knowing that we never met, never got to talk to live out the life we planned out together and spoke about. What hurts me the most is that I gave him my information (my phone number, email, social media, etc.) multiple times and he claimed to have never saved it after everything we went through. I feel like as though 2 years just went down the drain. And I try to find him by name on Google and can’t. It sucks and breaks my heart because I don’t think he’s doing the same and well I just feel part of me has some doubt on who he really was and feels played/cheated. I feel so confused and heartbroken because I don’t know what to think anymore. I gave so much of myself up for this guy and to this guy emotionally and time wise. I gave him so much love and I still love him but I don’t even know who he is or if he’s real. He never gave me the chance to meet him.