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Online boyfriend

I've been in a relationship with my boyfriend for 2 years and almost 3. We met online and it's a long distance relationship. Is it normal to never talk on the phone? Like I BARELY hear his voice and I've never heard him say my name... Whenever I ask him he just ignores it or changes the subject. I don't know if that's normal I'm really confused. And it's also the same with selfies. BTW before we met he used to send A BUNCH of selfies and he used to open voice chat in online games but now that were together be barely does any of this stuff.. Is this normal? I mean it's a long distance relationship, I would have been okay with it if we met every once in a while but weve never met and that's literally the only "real" part and i never get it...

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Re: Online boyfriend

It sounds to me a lot like you may he getting phished.

Given that you've never met this guy, and he's insisting on only communicating online without voice function, it definitely looks suspicious.

How are you communicating with him? Are you using voice communication? Have you sent this guy provocative or sexual photos or videos?

I wonder if this person is a much older man hiding behind a profile designed to look like a younger person, or if this is a situation where a girl is trying to manipulate you with this online relationship. Both seem like plausible possibilities.