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Online Friend

I have an online friend and he's nice and all but he keeps pressuring me to send more pictures of my face and I'm really uncomfortable but he always says that he's lonely and I feel bad for him

He wants my Snapchat and I said no because I know him only for 3 months so I'm a bit suspicious. He keeps pestering me and I want him to leave me alone but if I do, he threatens to suicide...

What should I do?? :(

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6 months ago

Re: Online Friend

Ah, I have the same situation as you but I am the guy that asks for her face. Here's the difference.

-This happens with my girlfriend and me, her boyfriend.

-We've known e/o for 50 days in total as I'm reading this.

-Our relationship went downhill and we are trying to fix it.

But let me get to the point. As with my experience. The way to get him to not die while keeping you not uncomfortable is to make him wait. If he gave you his face Pic then go for a short term. Tell him if you are shy or anything. Give him a good reason why are you uncomfortable. If he didn't give you his face Pic then wait for him to give you his face Pic. Then refer to previous statement. And be confident.