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pretty sure he doesnt even like me anymore even as a friend and at this point im just a bother, im just annoying him. i dont know why i bothered, idk why i gave myself this false hope. i fucking hate how i just annoy everyone i talk to like it goes fine at first but later it just turns out they end up not liking me.. im just gonna give up. i want to be his friend but im pretty sure i just bother him so.. sucks though cause i bought myself an online membership for something so i could play with him but he seems like hes tired of me so you know what i guess i wasted my money.. i tried seeing if any of my other friends have the online but they dont so wonderful.. i wasted my money and this person doesnt like me.. i fucking jfkdhnkflvfvlkfghfk i just want people to like me like ughhhghhghghh maybe im just too boring uhfjgkfghkllkdgvbjfd fuckfvfjkvf

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