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I really support black people and all the people, I'm not white btw, and I am minority where I live and I know exactly what it's like to be discriminated because of who you are..

But really this whole being extra about black lives matter and all that lately is getting really annoying!

I mean chill a bit there are many other communities in the world who suffer much much muchhhh more than the black people in America do and we don't see any dog barking about it..

So yeah it really does annoy me and I'm sure im not the only one but we can't say anything about it..

I know some people will get offended or will the me no one cares about my opinion and I know that, so yes I'm here because no one does :)

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I get what you mean. As a minority with dark skin but not black, I'm not sure we suffer more than you everyday. 2 days ago a lady & her daughter told us to "go back to our country". And before that the hag said "get away from my daughter". Her sacred daughter, who said NO to an apology on her mom's behalf. They told the manager we were harassing them but my mom didn't even tell the to move. SHe was rightfully angry for the slur wanted to call the cops/record them.

The daughter was not getting away from my mom & she was blaming my mom. Until I cut her off & told her her mom used the slur 1st. Then her mom looked like she was about to attack me but the daughter bodily blocked her. My mom never even told them to move & ppl told me to move all the time even right after this incident. Then the head cashier to snap "enough" at me to wait for the manager, who after listening to their lies yelled "ENOUGH. Stay away from them. If you go near them cause a scene I'll kick you out. I'm not a cop or their parent. This will have to be enough."

The mom, daughter, manager, & head cashier are discriminating against my mom for not move when ppl say move all the time. On top of the manger protecting the mom & daughter for the slur, which I can civilly sue for emotional infliction. I reported the manager & I tipped off the cops about this incident, the footage shouldn't be lost. I even contacted ADL

Yea some communities have it worse. But the white racist Karens, their becky daughters, & Kameran managers are out of control. THis racism is not okay. hags with disgusting daughters can't tell anyone who stays here. They can't socially isolate us we should all b equal

Look I understand, I never said it was okay, I know exactly what it's like and I personally don't even suffer, I'm just saying that if you want me to say black lives matter I'm not, because ALL loves matter and idc about the background the only lives that don't matter to me are rapists and murderers the rest does matter and I'm saying that the world should do the same with the same energy, heart and soild for everyone and not just for black people in America.. sometimes it feels they're like trying to show off that they're not racist but when it comes down to it, they maybe are racist, maybe not against black people but they are to other minorities

And I'm sorry you had to go through that, really no one should go through any sort of racism just because of their colour, gender, religion or ethnicity ..

I get where ou're coming from. I feel the exact same way. Sometimes it feels like it's for show but the truth is not just black people but even minorites are definitely racist against black people or other minorities. My point isn't who's right or wrong, it's that we're focusing on the wrong trouble makers. I think all lives matter but the blue lives matter movement in my town/surrounding town 🤮

I'm not saying the BLM protestors should get free reign. But the karens shouting racial slurs like they buy starbucks is the root of the issue. No one bats an eye after they do it besides saying they're racist. Life goes on. The Karen & becky who threw racial slurs at me acted like victims, they reminded me of my nasty SIL & her brother. The only minority who's evilness they would say is ok (like the producers of Never Have I Ever made the protagonist moralless) while telling us to go back to her country at the same time. People just need to start laying into them too.

But I agree with everything else you say

Okay so we agree on the main stuff so let's hope things get better for humans especially the minorities everywhere

Honestly if there weren't anyone different based on skin or any other way people would find a way to discriminate each other, look at all the hate surrounding people..

Anyway everything aside, your "Karen and Becky" comments made me laugh 😂

I hope you have a great day, it was a nice convo ☺️

I like you, in a different scenario we probably could be friends :) z