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Our maniac-like and manipulative father

He drinks alot and we don't like it, well who would like it. But that's not the only thing, he acts so different when he's drunk, one time he bumped the hot drink to one of our guests, and he's drunk that time so it just made it worse. All i could think about the past few days is his maniac-like or something psychotic laugh when he bumped the glass, i don't know if he was just nervous so he did that but it certainly not, it looks like he even enjoyed it and even laugh more loudly to the fact that it creeps me out. This is not the only thing he do actually, he's so manipulative, he's befriending the police when he sorta bursts one night, luckily the police didn't let him tricked them with his games and also it's because one of the police is somehow young and he really understands us so he's the one who defended us from him. He's trying to get into people's mind so that we would loose but he's lucky that i didn't call out him for backhugging me and purposely rubbing his dick onto my ass when i was just 10, he's just so fucking lucky that i have social anxiety and i actually somehow hates myself for not speaking up, but only karma knows and i know it will get to him someday badly.

He don't know what's coming to him once i speak up. My two older siblings are the only one's backing me up and they actually protects me whenever our father is drunk. He thinks that he's the only one that could hurt someone's feelings physically and emotionally.

Oh and let's not forget, how he treats us all badly and also to my mother since they were dating, don't know about asian's culture on straight up (child) abusing someone just because they did not expect your expectations, lol. What do you want me to do? Expect me to learn 7th graders math at age 5? Okay <3

Ps. Thanks father, i now build anger issues because of what you do and well guess what, you don't know how much i've keeping so much anger and mental health issues to my self for the past years. If i ever did take KAM2020 seriously, you'd be the first one on the list