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Overthinking, feeling weird

Hi. My problem is that when I hang out with certain people I feel like whatever I say is stupid or in someway wrong. They don’t give me any weird looks or anything, I just feel this way and I really don’t understand why... also a lot of times I feel like I over share... I mean when I’m there I am fine but when I get back home I feel horrible about all the things I might have said and am really worried most of them may be perceived differently than I intended... WHAT IS THAT HELP

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Re: Overthinking, feeling weird

hey, i read your post and dont worry it is common because i went through the same thing. I dont know it myself but I assume its social anxiety, tho im not a psychiatrist to determine that. especially thorugh online. But just know that it can be overcome. Talk about it with friends and family. Assurance is a great help to our worrying mind and dont be afraid to ask for it. Im sure they'll be great help to you. Best of luck