Overwhelmed Mom

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I can't handle the stress anymore. I have four kids, go to nursing school part time, work 40 hrs a week at a job i hate and have a husband who thinks because he works outside the home he doesn't have to do anything to help. He literally comes home and goes to the room and watches tv until it is time to pick our oldest up at practice then he goes back to the room. I am so overwhelmed I have thought about suicide. Money is so tight and causing me so much more extra stress and his solution investing in stupid stocks on cash app...oh boy you made $7 in a few days. I don't know what to do...i hate myself, my life and everyone around me it is hard to feel joy, when i do it is the small thing the kids do that pull me back into the small cloud of joy. I literally cry all the time. PLEASE JESUS HELP ME.

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