overwhelming weight of my angel

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I just wanna be happier, a heavy blanket is always hanging over me /I can't breathe/ Colours everywhere crowd me, i preferred the sea of grey, comforting faces. /I cant see/ My hands are cold, hold them please,i need you warmmth/ I cant feel/ Wheres my angel? Someone come and save me please

Its the same everyday the tight feeling in my chest that restricts my airway. I hate it i just want it to go away but its always there like a dark cloud. theres no escape route im trapped in this feeling of emptiness i hate it i hate it so much. The source is unknown. My grades are fine, my family isnt as bad as i make it to be, i have an average ammount of friends. Why do I feel like this? I just wanna be happier, my heart to be less heavy. Emotions are so difficult to express when you dont understand yourself, do i love u or hate you? Oh to be lifted of this burden i feel from surpressing my emotions.

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