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PAC 12 is BIG 10 lapdog

Hey. I watch Big 12 football. I’m a cfb junky. But I’m straight up. At least one group of 5 conference is currently better than the PAC.

The ducks are OK. They’d be 6th best long term in the Big 10. Much worse than that in the sec (yes, I intentionally don’t capitalize sec on purpose. I love to watch them, but their fans are annoying. Like listening to Yankee fans. Im an Army fan. I’ve gotten into debates with Arkansas & Kentucky fans. They bring up LSU or Alabama. But am I then allowed to bring up the New England Patriots? sec sec sec. Oh come on. You can’t claim 14 teams. But I’ll give them this; they buy into that).

Harsh reality. The PAC lives off the past. So what. They have pro sports out the butt. They don’t have as much talent. South Cali is the one exception. But let’s face it; if you have NFL potential, goto the southeast. Practice against high talent. Play each week against high talent.

At Oregon you do practice against pretty good talent. But your schedule is crap.

At the end of the yr all conferences end up in the polls. That’s because people look more at records than talents. Every conference has to absorb losses.

It was so foolish. Big 10 takes moral high ground. Cared too much to play. PAC trips all over itself attaching selves to BIGs butt.

Everyone else starts playing. BIG suddenly decides player safety no longer matters. Did we say heart problems? What heart problems. This is the problem with taking high ground. You look stupid when you say oops & climb down with your tail between your legs.

Then the BIG rings a bell; up pops the PAC from a rabbit hole, saying us too. Come on man. Grow a pair. If your scared; say your scared, & stay in your hole. We already have UCF; App St; Ark St; BYU, & Army. We don’t need Oregon & USC.

Tell you what; put those 5 on Oregon’s & USCs schedules, & neither one goes undefeated. Probably at least 2 losses each.