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i seriously doubt if he ever loved me was it lust or love im all confused although i got my answer after all this time i stll dont want to believe it my mind isnt just accepting it when i first started it i wasn't sure what it was but eventually im in stage were in can't think of not seeing him again not hearing him calling name i just cant imagine it and now its hard for me to accept it how come i dint see it how was i so deeply in love and all he felt was lust for me seriously i doubt if this so called love thing is only fictional for some like me i never wanted to fall in love or anything it just happened and he just left me at a point very hurt that i keep telling myself people arround that im ok but im not i miss him and i dont know how to just carryon or think about not having u around or even a thought of this kind y me should it have to be this hurtfull i just cant cry can't talk to anyone about this but i love u i dont know y but i do although we aren't supposed to be together i still love u ull be my first nd last