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Uhm, to whoever reads this, I apologize for the typos and grammar issues here. I'd just like to get a few things off of my chest. First of all, I'm severely depressed, have major social/regular anxiety, and have ADHD. I struggle a lot with making friends, and never even had a real best friend until 5th grade. My same friend group from 5th grade is still my main friend group to this day. Anyways, recently I got rid of a toxic 3-year friend, and I'm afraid I made the wrong decision of letting them go. Second off, I've been forced into drama the past few days and some of my friends are refusing to talk to me. It hurts. I feel like I've been going insane, being happy one moment then having a breakdown the next. I have scratch, bite, and knife marks all over my body from outbursts and breakdowns. At night, I cry myself to sleep. I'm constantly tired, and scared and confused about everything. Sorry that I'm rambling, I don't know how to vent in a way that's understandable and that gets the point across.

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I'm sorry you're struggling OP. Mental illness is a serious issue and I do hope you are receiving medical help either from a licensed therapist or a school councilor. Life is hard, so if a hug from a stranger means anything at all then I hope this reaches you. You'll get through this. Stay safe