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Panic attacks after smoking weed

I've smoked weed for over 2 years, not everyday but still pretty often. I was fine up until 2 months ago, when I smoked and had a huge panic attack after (heart racing and heart beat feeling irregular, struggling to breathe and feeling like I was going to die). It stopped after around 3-4 hours. I thought that was going to be it, but since then I have been having panic attacks nearly everyday. Nothing triggers them. I've had anxiety for years, but never had a panic attack before two months ago. Its really scaring me, and I am trying to get to the doctor's for help.

Has anyone else experienced this? And if so have the panic attacks gone away after a while, or did you have to get help for them to dissappear/be reduced?

I just want to hear any experiences to better understand whats happening and what I can do, thankyou to anyone that responds.

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Re: Panic attacks after smoking weed

I think you had a panic attack while smoking weed & the weed made the effects a little worse. Panic attacks feel like you're going to die whether you smoke or not. Having them everyday after probably means the weed didn't set them off. If u quit weed or stay away from it it won't trigger the panic attacks. You can learn how to handle/calm dow nfrom panic attacks and how to diagnos thiem from your doctor or a professional