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idk if i look gay but if i do it would explain why my friends and mom started to question me out of the blue. like my mother just walked in and was like, “so none of your friends are like... into other people?” me: not that i know of why? “well it’s just because.. i see it on tv more often... and i’m just wondering if you need to say anything to me about that you can trust me!” my obviously pansexual ass having a panic attack: what no! why?! “no i was just wondering” anyways i’m barely 13 so i think i’ll wait a while cuz she’s all head over heels about me having a family. fuck kids i’ve hated them since i was in like 2 grade. then in like 3rd grade i was ✨exposed✨ to the magic of incognito and way too advanced ab society friends. so i thought that it was normal to think that women were hot cuz like hello... have u seen Hunter Schafer and Zendaya but then like a few months ago i was introduced to THEM... BRIGETTE LUNDAY-PAINE. so that was a shocker then in a show i was introduced to HIM... a trans guy who even after he transitioned i was still madly in love with. so much for being bisexual. anyways my friends were talking ab how one of the girls that used to go to our school came out as bi and started to do crazy things. i don’t think that changing your appearance and wanting to act differently is crazy... i think it’s just her finally being comfortable enough to finally show who she is. but before that i was talking ab shaving off my hair cuz i rlly hate my hair. so now they think i’m bi. BUT IM NOT FUCKING BI AND IF ANOTHER PERSON SAYS IM BI IM GONNA HIT THEM WITH A SKILLET BECAUSE IM PANSEXUAL. ok anyways have a nice day if you read through the whole thing :)

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