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Paracosm and Fantasy prone personality

This is my coping mechanism. I escape to worlds I create. Complete worlds, mind you, filled with people and places and language. I have a whole fantasy identity as well, complete with back story and family line. Ive had this since I was 11 years old. It came so naturally to me it was scary. I hadnt even heard of Tolkien yet. I didnt know this was actually a thing. Ive used it so much during any event or period of time i find too overwhelming to deal with, that now its automatic like shifting gears in an automatic transmission. I do it while Im working, driving, cooking, and always before i drift off to sleep. Im 36 years old now and im convinced this is part of who i am. Ive actively tried to stop but my mind takes over.. i find it near impossible to go a whole day without doing it.