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I'm very fortunate to have both of my parents still together. I just feel like my dad hates me. He's constantly blaming me for everything. Whenever I try to explain this to him, he says the exact same thing but in different context. He pulls in events that happened when I was a younger child, hardly able to comprehend what I was. On top of that, he's very manipulative. This used to only happen every now and then but now, I don't leave my room in fear of him yelling at me. It's gotten to where I cower when speaking to him; scared he'll scream at me. I think he's emotionally abusive but I don't know. He might just be toxic or I might just be sensitive. I don't know anything anymore.

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Re: Parents

Most likely you’re over sensitive.. all parents shout all parents scream all parents lose their minds.. as you said you’re saying the same thing but with different ‘context’, well how about looking at it from his point of view instead of ‘explaining’ (code for arguing) just listen. He is your dad, he has life experience.. unfortunately you sound as though you don’t.

My dad was harsh on me and still is even though I’m a young adult (28). Listening to someone else whether they might be wrong in your own mind is part of growing up.