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Parents fight

I am stuck here . I want to leave this place asap.

I can't handle everyday taunting , fightings and their too much nagging.

I don't understand if my mom wants a chore done, why can't she directly say to me (I never said no to anything she told me ). But I hate it when she taunts about it .

My both parents are teachers and they love to nag in our lives tooo much.

When she get home , she wants me to vent out her emotions and stay same as before ( I can't help myself, I rebel if I find something wrong and she wants me to keep my mouth shut), then why is she telling me this and that if she wants me to keep shut about it .

She needs to understand that I am not a storage box . I also need to express my emotions but I can't express to anyone and thus , I have a bad headache (no one cares).

And my father, he shouts whenever he wants and keep advising us like.........( in morning he shouts wake up and then he says brush your teeth , go to washroom and then drink milk , have breakfast , and he says these things countless times and when we get frustrated and say anything , both mom and dad starts scolding us for our mistakes that we haven't done or have done and got scolded countless times .)))

I am also a human , I also wants some love and I hate myself for hating my parents but they are just getting overrrrrrrrr.

I can't handle them anymore.

I am not saying , I am perfect and don't do mistakes but every child of my age (18 yrs) do these things like playing games and laughing .(and I swear I am the most boring girl of this age as I don't date , don't do things like teens because my parents will kill me if they find myself hanging out like other teens and still I have to deal with their scoldings . ))

I want to leave this home , I am waiting for my entrance exams results and then I will get a college and then I will be living in a hostel .

I am looking forward to it.

I envy those teenagers and children who have spent their most precious years happily and not like mine (no friends , no dating , no party , high grades , still scolded and beaten by parents )

Thank you for reading this ...............

You won't believe , I can't use social media , I can't even put a dp on my WhatsApp and I can't add status , because of my parents .

They are super controlling. And tooo loud and violent and aggressive.

Sorry mom dad but I have to write this , otherwise my head will burst and I will be on hospital bed with brain hemorrhage .

Sorry sorry sorry sorry.

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Re: Parents fight

Hey. I love you. I was abused bad. Only parenting I ever got that wasn’t physical was yelling. Go cut that tree down. Go find the cows.

Ex soldiers. Go kill that dear. Go plant those crops. Go pick that corn.

Sports coaches. Always yelling. No matter how many touchdowns or home runs I produced they wanted more.

For 22 yrs no one ever hugged me. Said they loved me. Kissed me. Said good job. I always felt like a failure. Top student in school. Engineering for $ at 16. But a failure.

So allow me to help you.

I’m proud of you. Good job. Your a good kid. I love you.

God Bless