Parents issues

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I never mention this to anyone because I know the looks Ill get from people, so I'm writing it here to know if I'm really weird or is my feeling right, my parents relationship is really shitty and its always been this way, like since I came out of the womb, and in the last year or so I started having feelings of really wanting my parents to divorce, now I know it sounds fucked up but its honestly the best thing that could happen to any of us, their issues aren't only affecting them but it also affected me and my siblings, I reached a point where I actually get happy of them being apart, like my dad being at work and mom being at home or something because any time the two of them sit together you know there's a lot of yelling and really fucked up shit being said, like today for example where its a day off and the two decide to sit together in the living room, me knowing where it's gonna end I just kept walking down the hallway back on forth because I know a couple minutes later I'm gonna be hearing lots of yelling, and I was right, lots of yelling and LOTS of threats, I'm just waiting for the day they end this relationship, no matter where I go and where I end up living, I couldn't give 1 shit because anywhere is better than here.