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While I was in final year of my enginnering. i came in relationship with a girl. we dated for two years. She was in Infosys and I went to pursue UPSC. but I kept her above any other thing. Things were good. i did all that I could to make her happy. she was the first person with whom I was physical, I thought she was serious for me. But after being posted in Trivendrum she started ignoring me, she told her sister's donot want us to be together. but she used to talk to her team lead who was already getting married. When I found out she started blaming me calling me immature and all. She took money from him and went to warkala along with him.I abused her in rage when she called me names. It has been three years and I am not able to moveon. I want to move on. She is getting married this February. I pleaded her to get back although she cheated on life is in mess, I wanna correct it. i get anxiety attacks and unable to study.