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Past relationships

If you have been in so many relationships in past and every single person you have dated has thought that they were better than you and I mean every relationship because there friends have even commented that they can do better so every single relationship you have had has always made everything about looks and you still get called apon how you look by different guys even not dating how are you surpose to feel good enough in a relationship like not just think it’s about looks every relationship men have misinterpreted things like I over react about them asking others out behind my back or flirting with others or actually saying disrespectful things in my face about other women like I did wrong for finishing them and now like I have done wrong with staying single just feels like nobody can date me without having to remind me how ugly I am I don’t mean attitude as they tell me they like my personality and attitude but just not my looks how am I am suppose to not feel insecure I don’t know how not to feel paranoid and not trust no one tho people keep asking me why this why that at times but they don’t understand is it easy to understand or not do you think