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Here you come again, back so soon?

You're here for another "conquest" as you like to put it, its your 4th time this week. Your mind is aready set on doing it, as long as you get your needs met you'll come again and again.

 A small fee and she's yours for an hour, nevermind the bruises on her face; she's here for you and not the other way around. She opens her legs... inviting you in. Yes, she wants you doesn't she? She craves it, she craves you. Thats the main reason she's with you right? Of course it is! Obviously its not for the money! 

 You stick it in, the same familiar feeling floods your brain. The feeling of accomplishment, of winning, of being a man. You brag to your friends about all the girls you've fucked, how much of a smooth talker you are but really its the money who does all the talking. You couldn't even summon the courage to ask your neighbor out, no... you just closed your door when she walked by and you hated yourself for it. 

 You give them the money and now they are yours, all yours. You sometimes hit them if they do something you don't like but its okay because they are just worthless whores, but they are worthless whores who belong to you, at least for an hour.

You finish and leave feeling like you've accomplished something great, but in reality you paid someone for sex. Only degenerates and low-lifes pay for sex, no real man pays for it. You take advantage of them needing money for your own pleasure, knowing well they wouldn't fuck you if they didn't need the money. Thats pathetic.