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My roommate & her teen son woke me up by bursting a giant balloon as I came out of bath.

I warned them. I turned off breaker to his room. He had quit play video game. His mom is gone hoeing. He will spend an he in shitter. First he shits. Then plays games or on phone. Well he walked in. Soon as I heard him sit off went bathroom light & fan. Your could loudly hear his video game & sound effects. He got quite. I heard him bang around try get out.

Now I’m fixing to turn on & go myself. When he goes in I’ll turn off again & leave off for an hour. He makes all of us wait an hour. So funny. I hear him farting & making noises already

Aaahh. Payback. Don’t mess with old smart people.

Some dip used mess with me in college. We were two top students in the college. He was 2 & wanted be 1. Tried to cheat. Messed with my labs. So I programmed a computer. I could send a signal & alter all the binary data in his experiments chips. He’d start all over.

A whole semester. He never figured out how. As a 8 yr old my uncle would hit me. I altered his engine so it would miss. He’d have to tune it up.