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pedophile BIL and Narcissistic MIL

My husband was sexually abused for years by his older brother. Brother was his moms son from first marriage. My husbamd is from her second. Other than the original reaction of my FIL to kill the bastard, the whole thing was swept under the rug, because my husband didn't want to destroy his family. No one outside the immediate family knows.

My husband's grandmother is dying. And he cant take our kids to see her one last time because his brother is there. And obviously he doesn't trust him. I wish i could say the my Mother in Law would at the very least tell the brother to fuck off while we visit, but shes a narcissist and will not admit to her sons transgressions because they reflect poorly on her.

And so now I'm pissed and sad and just want to cut ties with my MIL for protecting that bastard all of these years, to the point she spent my husband's college fund to finance the other brothers third business after the first two failed simply because he got bored and walked away from them. But my husband won't, despite the fact that beyond this one act of standing behind her pedophile son at the expense of the other she has given plenty of reasons to cut her off, he won't do it. And because he hasn't been willing to up to this point now our kids have a loving relationship with her.

But I will never trust her with our kids. I will never trust her to put their well being over her pride. And I will never forgive her for prioritizing her firstborn pedophile over her youngest, simply over ego.