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People in Wheelchairs Also Need to Pee

This is a long once. Please bear with me. I use a wheelchair. The other day I was at the hospital (the visit was totally unrelated to my disability. I just felt it was important to share that.) Anyway, I was waiting for my appointment to start and I had to pee. I asked the receptionist to please point me to the nearest wheelchair accessible washroom. There weren't any on our floor. (WTF?) She offered to accompany with me to the nearest bathroom and to hold the door for me. She did. Then she walked away.

I couldn't get out. The room was just big enough to fit my chair while allowing me to squeeze myself onto the toilet, and the door opened inward, making it even more awkward. I called out for help but no one heard. I tried calling the front desk but no one picked up. After about 20 minutes, a 500 point turn and a lot of swearing, I freed myself.

I confronted the receptionist, telling her that she should have waited for me to finish and let me back out. A blank look came over her face as if she didn't know what I was on about. She didn't apologize or even acknowledge what I said.

Now I am about to leave my apartment to meet a friend for lunch. I called ahead to see if the place was accessible, including the washroom. The woman I spoke to paused for a bit, then said, 'I think so. I'm not sure.'

I hate the world right now. I just want to go back to bed. Thanks for reading.