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People Suck

Some people never understand that sometimes their silly jokes can harm a person's self respect and character If I am quiet that means I respect you enough to not speak over you I am irritated I am losing my mind over things your joke is not successful if I react on it it's just you made me feel ashamed of myself you should understand if I get angry it doesn't mean that I can't take jokes it means it's hurting me if you find my weak point joking about it won't make you funnier it's making me lose my mind and questioning my integrity

Just Understand that simply Joking about my issues will make you happy for 5 seconds But it will make me go into depression and hating myself

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Re: People Suck

And how are others to know what your issues/ areas in which yourelf suffers from a lesser confindence & ability,?

You say yourself you just get quiet.

So im guessing that you are a human. In todays world socially acceptable behaviors usually do not encourage the speaking out about oursleves

Seems we tend to try and hide that which is different, bad etc.

So maybe try filling in the information the other party lacks. That may just avoid this from happening.

Were not all mind readers, ya know?