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people think they know me

they think they know me but they dont.

parents think they know what kind of person i am but they really dont.

my friends think they know everything about me , know my moods know what i think but they dont

none of them know that when i had my first “relationship” it was really toxic and he was abusing me physically and emotionally. they dont know that every time i accidentally see him i get panic attacks. they dont know that he was my first kiss. they dont know i was assaulted when i was a child from my boy best friend but i still in touch with him because think that we were kids and didnt know what he was doing.(touching me) they dont know when that relationship ended all my friends took his side and made fun of me to the point that i was avoiding to see them and stoped leaving my house.

they dont know what kind of pain i got trough 2 years ago because my boy best friend(other) played me and my feelings . made me fall for him and left. they dont know how many times i cried in the bathroom, in shower, how many times i broke there . they dont know every person in my life gave up on me because i was “too hard to deal with” and they do and say that too...

they think they know me but they dont

none of them knows how many times i thought about suicide , no one was there when i needed.

they dont know that this year i finally fell for a guy that seems really nice but i will never shoot my shot.

they dont know i have anxiety symptoms they dont know how much it gor worse.

they dont know how was my day, what is my opinion on certain things because they never ask.

they think they know what kind of person i am but they dont.

they dont know about darkness in me that i want to show but cant. they dont know how afraid i am of everything.

they dont know anything about me.