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Pfft sorry i just dont know anymore.

I really really wanna have a normal christmas this year is it too much to ask for?

Y does my parents fight every single year. It hurt me alot when i have to here them shout and throw things around sometime, i hate every moment of it. Can i please jist have a normal christmas. Everytime they fight , the more time i feel like killing myself. Sometime i feel like if im just not here anymore would they stop fighting? Or maybe just seperate already i cant stand this anymore. And honestly this year is a bit special i got a bf now, my first one. I never gotten one before since i was so so scared of fucking everything up liek my parents. My parents they made me scared of relationship. Me and hin have been dating for nearly 2 months now but atm im really unsure if i should continuse it...i now feel like im not worthy enough. I feel like ill drag him down with me. N i cant really talk to hin about this either since i dont want to be a bother to him, but i just feel really really down right now. I honestly are losing little hope i have left of me not killing myself, i dont know anymore.

Im so sorry.