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Pickle Relish. Who ate it

My roommates are hilarious. They steal each other’s food & lie about it. Two of us basically have no fridge/shelf space. Two fill a fridge & overflow. Another has most of another fridge full with drinks & fruit.

The two young females will shove endless leftovers in every where. They only take them out to shove in more. They won’t eat the leftovers. A third female has to wash it all.

The man has like 20 small bottles of tea; a big jug; sodas; juices clogging a whole fridge. Two of those juices have been in there for a year. He opens a lot of pickle relish. All these partial jars. He also eats fruit loops if no one cooks or buys him breakfast. He will keep several boxes.

His wife & a teen boy eat his relish. Both lie & day they don’t. So he will get mad when alone & I’ll hear him say who ate my relish. On & on. So I’ve started taking some of his relish out & put into other partial jars. He will be amazed. Who ate so much. But hey wait. There’s a full jar. Then I fill it & move it to another fridge & put a nearly empty one there. He will freak out again.

Then I’ll move the full one back. He will think someone bought him a new one.

Then the fruit loops. He will complain. Why are they all open. They get stale. Who eats them? I watch 4 different people eat out of them with bare hands.

I mostly eat crackers; bread; & a little peanut butter. They’d open my stuff. Eat a few crackers. Open another pack. Eat a few crackers. Same with bread. Eat right out of my peanut butter. So other than my rice & veg I keep it all in my room now.

Who ate my relish?

He’s a good guy; but he’s going to complain every day. So I might as well make it fun.

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