pimple problems

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my sister and i look a lot alike, the only difference about us is that i have pimples and she does not.

I have had pimples from when was in third grade people continuously made fun of me i was compared to my sister and was told no boy would ever like me.

This went on for a couple of years till my final year at school other girls now had pimples and had nothing to say about my face. but boys still had the gut to pick on me. they even when as far as to prank me on valentines day by letting my crush lie to me and say he liked me when he didn't . my best friend was also in on the idea just to make me feel better abut my looks . when it found out it hurt to know my best friend would do such a thing , and then act as if i wont be hurt. when i asked her why she did that because i could have found myself a valentine when i said that she shouted " who would like you you are ugly !" i felt broken and befriended her but could get over what she said

so i decided to try and get rid of my pimples because my mum tried and could not. i tried masks , soaps , and other things and nothing seemed to work i got depressed and stress ate i turn fatter than my normal size my dad started say hurtful things about me and my weight and infront of visitors when they were at my house it got bad . my new crush was my brothers friend he had a lot of stuff in common with me so i liked him a lot afew weeks later i found out my sister liked him too . so i started trying to impress him and it didn't work him and my sister kept flirting and he didn't pay much attention to me so i and when he did i he would call me weird for my actions or get mad at me. he obviously liked my sister so ever time my sister talked about him i would say though tears that they are meant for each other and i totally ship them . i did'nt like anyone after that fearing the possibilitys of them not liking me for my looks.

i wrote this looking for help if you know anything that can help get rid of acne or cover it up with natural makeup (any brands i could check out ) please let me know

Thank you