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i really need help! quick!!!

i have been lying to my best friend for about 4-5 days. Actually i have been not telling her about something...

Few day ago, my best friend, her brother and i went to the party. we were drinking a lot. Well her brother Marcus made me a hickey, but we didn’t hooked up. I didn’t tell her about that besause her brother doesen’t want anyone to knows about that. i am 16 and he is 21...

The problem is beside that i am lying to her, our mutual friend saw my hickey and he will tell her about that... she will ask me about that and i don’t know what to dooooo!!! Should i make some story to save her brother and me orrrr something else... please tell me. There is another probelm... what if her brother confesse and tell the truth??? she is going to the trip in california for 2 days, the trip will last about a would be nice if you could told me what to do before she leaves...