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I look nerd but I want to get dicked down by a dominant guy who wont stop rubbing my clitoris in circles and will make me suck his fingers or make me gag on his dick. And when im close to orgasm he stops for a while and does me edging. I dont want random guy who cums in 3 minutes like ew. Cumming in 3 mins is worse than small dick. If u know how to use ur swoed size doesnt really matter at all. So don't be sad if ur pp is small.

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Re: Please

Actually size can matter. Mine is so long & fat I couldn’t get it in at times. Other times they had to goto a doctor for damaged cervix & stuff. It takes me over two hours to cum so most partners would pass out after multiple orgasms & I couldn’t finish.

Worse. At my divorce that was two of the reasons. My thing was too big; causing her medical issues. And it took me too long to have sex. Other reasons included: I have no wrinkles & an too attractive. Women ask me out in front of her & think she’s my mom. I made our kids do chores & study too much. I made people take their shoes off & kept house too clean & organized. Her divorce lawyer kept laughing at her.

Afterwords her lawyer called me crying & said she’d never seen two people so in love. She couldn’t believe we divorced. She told me she really divorced me because her mom needed her more than I did. Her mom is well off & married to a younger man. Oh well.