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Please don't go

I don't know how to express my feelings. Ever since I was a little girl, I was never able to spent too much time with my dad as he was always away due to his job. He would come once or twice a month but it was never enough. Then he got transferred to a different place again and again. We would sometimes visit him as well. There was no stability. Hell there was no certainty. His life was always on the brink as he works for a very risky department. We are quiet well off but what we don't have is time. Then he got transferred to a place which was an hour away from my house. This happened the last year. We were really happy yk. We were finally close . Not close enough but we had to be happy with what we had. He shouldn't get transferred for about five years now (time span at a particular place required to serve) . I was over the moon. My mom and my younger brother couldn't stop smiling. We shopped together, went for dinner,etc. But this happiness was short lived.

Yesterday evening , as he was getting ready to go for cycling, his senior officer informed him that he had been transferred. Someone deliberately did this. Bribe. None of us expected this . My mom started crying . I tried to be strong but I couldn't.

Why???? Just whyyyy????

Why did it have to be us ???

What did we do? All we asked for was time. Nothing else.