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Please don't rape

Why men are so inhuman ??

I am so scared of getting out and talking to any male person whom I don't know.

And why am I scared ???

Because in my state , rape incidents are becoming so common.

I am asking all of you MALES . Why you rape little girls , why you murder them , Why ??

Did we females have done anything wrong to you ???

If any female have done anything wrong to you , I am apologizing to you on behalf of her .

But please all of ypu who are reading this , please understand that little 3, 4 years old girls didn't have done anything wrong to you nor little teenagers like me . Then why do you rape us , females , why should we get murdered by you and raped by you ??

Why do you want us to live a scary life ?? Why are we just a toy for you ??

Please understand the pain we get from you ..

Please don't rape and murder us . Don't make yourself a sinner .

You may have your daughters who are little cute girls , who don't want to grow up in this world , where they will have to suffer the repercussions of being a girl , a lady , a female.

Please whoever is reading this , please respect us , please don't RAPE us . We are also humans . Please let us live a quiet life . Please , please I am begging you , don't make yourself so scary .

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Re: Please don't rape

Hey sweetie. I’m the male you. Who knows when it started. But I remember women mollesting me from age 4. I was passed around by three mollesters for yrs. then a man raped me at 12. I’m so messed up.

Well; could have been worse. I’d act like I liked it to save the other little ones. But one of them was sold to a pedophile.

I tried to be a hero. Did all I could to take all the beatings & rapes.