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Idk what to do I keep thinking I just want to scream I just wanna give up. I told my drugged up mom Me and my sister were sexually assaulted from my cousin and she was sad for two days the next day she asked my sister my sister denied it and said I was lying about the whole thing.i wasn’t. To this day my mom has done nothing she supposedly forgot which makes me feel so bad I have three sisters and they’re all so amazing to each other and I’m just left out feeling useless they constantly walk out the door saying I love you to everyone else but me but I get it I hate me too if I could just leave I would I have nothing to live up to I’m 14 and this is how messed up I am I constantly feel insane hearing the voices in my head say I’m not good enough I’m tired of being reminded I’m nothing because I already know. I never had a dad growing up my sisters hate me just me my grandma just pushes me around I don’t know how to feel anymore. I just want to please. Just.. let me go..