Please hear me out

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This guy was a toddler the first time he was sexually abused, that entirely fuck him up as he was growing up (it also wasn't the only time he got sexually assaulted). That along the disfunctional family he has that doesn't allow him to develop his self steem. After multiple abusive relationships his self love is on the floor and he foolishly tries to help someone else feel better about themselves. In his mid twenties this guy gets involved sexually with a minor, thinking that will help with both their insecurities, obviously it didn't work that way.

Please understand, this is bad, we all know that, no defense here. He is paying for his action and facing the legal process accordingly. The reason I beg for help is because after the punishment is over, after he pays for what he did, how could you even start to evolve from this? how can you move on? how can you heal from the things done to you and the things you did to others?

He is only human, and I just want him to heal. I am asking for help because he doesn't feel like he deserves it.