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Please help.

Hey whoever is reading this, It's my first time writing on this site since I don't really have anybody to talk to. I was at school today and wasn't on any electronics for the most part, and when I get home, for no reason at all, one of my best friends bust blocks me on all social media and I can't contact them. I've tried asking other friends what happened and they don't know what happened. All I've done is be nice to them and help them when they are sad or just need somebody to talk to. The people who are involved from what I've gathered are all offline. Please I need somebody, anybody to help me and give advice. Thank you and I hope you have a great day.

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4 months ago

Re: Please help.

There are many possibilities. 1: they could just be being mean (I doubt it though) 2: they could have a mental illness such as autism, anxiety and OCD or something else that you don’t know about 3: could just have been an accident. I advise waiting until tomorrow and see how they behave. If they aren’t there then I think that it might be likely that it is 2. I’m sorry I know this didn’t really help. I hope you have a great day and all goes well xx