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please help

I dont know what to do. I have been struggling with my sexuality for awhile now not being sure if I am lesbian or bi. Last week I hooked up with a guy and its the first time I have ever gotten with anyone. We got to 2nd base. We have plans to meet up next week but I am still unsure of my attraction to men. I dont want to hurt him but I am so confused and unsure with myself. I cant figure out if I enjoyed it or not, or if I would enjoy it more if it was a different person, boy or girl. PLEASE HELP

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Re: please help

Hi! I also feel this way! I am unsure about my sexuality although I have never had a sexual relationship with anyone.

You can wait as long as you want to get a label or not get a label at all( labels are soooo 2010)

I think that if you want to know, you have to be ready to state who you are, and if not, wait until you can.(I know this was worded poorly) If you try to label yourself before your ready, you will never truly know. Find who you are on your own schedule.