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Please help!

Hi, I desperately need help in what to do if anyone can help me. I’m 25 I never got my ged but I’m in a management position that requires you to have one though it’s never been brought up. I’m not sure how to even go about doing this I was looking at online business to obtain it. But it all started when I was 14 I dropped out of school to support my mom and little brother and sister. Once I turned 18 after my moms boyfriend got laid off I paid all the bills, worked 60+ hours a week. Watched the kids when I wasn’t working so my mom could work. I eventually quit the job When I turned 21 to work at a bar to make more money. And knew a few people the helped me also get a job at a club I was making decent money at this point but had no time to do anything but work. I eventually saved up enough money to buy a car and I quit both places of work to pursue my career that I’m in today I moved up in a great company and learned pretty much everything I know from said company. But the guilt of never accomplishing School has over took me. Now I have a house with a beautiful girlfriend and decent car with a pretty good paying job. So I have the opportunity to do what I’ve been wanting to do for such a long time. However I’m so embarrassed about the situation and I don’t even know how to start. No body knows I haven’t finished school besides me and my family my girl doesn’t even know. If anyone could point me in the right direction I’d greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Please help! Hey

Hey what’s up. Sorry you had to go through all this. I wish you the best of luck figuring it all out! Just know that in the long run everything will be okay! You sound like you’re doing well. And don’t be embarrassed it’s not your fault you fell into that situation sometime life is uncontrollable.