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I know what I'm about to say sounds bad and but I'm confused and I need insight... So basically just a month and a half ago I started dating this guy who I do vibe with and is a good person, he's understanding and caring and extremely patient and can handle my mood swings easily... He'll do anything as long as it keeps me happy.... But I don't have a crush on him nor am I into him nor do I love him.... I only get friendly vibes from him i.e. I love him as a friend but not in a romantic way.... And I told him this and he said that he's sure that I'll get there and that I'll develop feelings for him and not to mention he told me he loved me on the very first day and he's like extremely good around me... And also on the other hand, I hooked up with a guy last year in December and I cached feelings for him and he liked me back but then he had his exams to give so he stopped talking to everyone and now today he came back in contact with me as his exams got over and surprisingly I was thinking about him and his message popped up on my screen....and I just started thinking about him a lottt.... I'm not attracted to my bf but this guy who I hooked up with and still am on good terms with came up and I just couldn't get him out of my head and today he messaged me and now idk what to do.... I mean I haven't really given me and my current boyfriend time to bond but I also kinda like that guy who contacted me.... Also, my boyfriend is in the same friend circle that I am in and I can't just dump him especially during exam time cause I'll lose the rest of my friends as well as him and I don't want to lose my current boyfriend because he has been a good person so far... Please help me gain insight.... Please give me your opinion and what you think.... Just tell me the truth... It's okay if you're being a bit rude because I feel like a pathetic person for dating someone else while liking someone else.... Please help!!

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