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Please help me

Hello, I hope your day is good. I just cried a bunch because I cannot handle seeing my best friends get sad and vent on twitter. They're the only people I have and yet..... I feel so drained by them sometimes. I hate saying that. I hate typing that but it's true. They're obviously not meaning to, it's not like they're directing their sadness at me but I can't help but feel like it's my responsibility to help them all the time. I am definitely not saying I'm mentally stable either, but I can't handle absorbing other people's feelings the way I do.

We're sad like every week. Please make it stop. I just want to feel happy and satisfied but we're so FUCKED UP!

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Re: Please help me

You have a good heart! You woulda been known as the " Dear Abby" in my younger days.Looked up to among peers as well. OH , IMO, you'd be just fine,if this were occurring in realtime, face to face, in public places, drive inns/ hangouts, ball games. I seen all this comin about 92, when more and more people started living virtual lives. Now its too the point where anyone under 40 could NOT live/function , or even have any self identity, w/o social media. You cant text body language, cryin (sense the real emotion from the face), eye movement (lying? or Truthful?) With text, you'll never really know... ever....You werent brain wired and emotionally put together to handle 5-6-7-10-12 ppl comin at you at once in the blink of an eye, to "field" their probs. Hell, I dont know of ANYONE over 13 , under 30 thats happy, content, or is drama free. What about you? What if you join in this pity party as a participant, instead of their savior? Would the same consideration be givin to you? Alotta these ppl LIVE for this kinda drama and feed off it for their very existence.They have to be miserable to feel normal. You'd never which ones would ya? Im glad its to your breaking point. There hope for you!...LOL..You need to take a step back , give yourself a break for a while from being in this position. Yes, Im sure they'll be some backstabbin comin your way, but honestly , how many of these best friends, honestly earn this title when it comes to having YOUR back? Providing a shoulder to cry on at 3am till 6? would drive over to be with you at that HR so your not alone? Single those out, and sparing, without sacrificing you health, (cause its gonna suffer if it hasnt already) provide the Dear Abby service, your known and revered for, and do it PRIVATELY! One on One. You'll get to feel good about yourself, devote time that you DESPERATELY need for YOU, more than likely, in ALL areas of your life that have likely suffered. Id rather have only 2-3 friends I could really count on, who will no doubt , have my back than 5-10-20-30 drama queens who, ARE and dont mind, draining the very life from me on a daily basis...