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Please help me

Hello. so my mum has chronic depression and we try to persuade her to get help but she doesn't want to listen no matter what we tell her.She was always a very negative person and she thinks nobody cares about her and she isn't optimistic at all,even if good things happen she still complains.Recently,my dad died and she became worse.When he was alive he calmed her done and she was happy,but now she is even worse,she wants to die but she knows that she has kids to take care of,but still she really wishes to die.My aunt will try to persuade her tomorrow to get help ,but I don't think she'll listen. she'll get mad and she probably won't talk at all .She knows she has depression but she won't accept it.She doesnt want to get help and she never wanted to go to the doctors.I am really concerned about her and I can't stand her suffering.I'd appreciate it if you suggest me something.I know that this case is certainly not an easy one,but I would grateful if you helped me.

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Re: Please help me


i can give you some tips that a counsellor might advice.

  • Grounding exercise when someone is facing an anxiety attack, you can google and pick the one that is appropriate.
  • you take your mom out for long walks, fresh air and getting out of the house is always advisable.
  • do not watch any negative shows on tv or listen to depressing songs, watch comedies and pumping songs, when she hears you laughing she will be happy!
  • lastly introduce some yoga or exercise in her routine, it will help immensely.

all these tips are work in progress, try them out.

I don't know if this would be a good solution for your concerns but in my own struggles with depression and identity I found out that talking to a complete stranger was surprisingly theraputic. The difference between a psychiatrist and a psychologist is a psychiatrist wants to try and treat a problem through pharmaceutical methods and a psychologist treats a problem through dialogue. The latter for me was the better option. I have no money or insurance but I googled information on how to find free help. It is possible and I hope things work out for you and your family.