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Please help me here^^"

Kayavdistsbsk I hate this!

I feem bubbly and smiley and 

And AHHHHH. I haven't felt like this in a long time man. I just feel cheerful and I want to talk about them to everyone. I wnat to show them off to everyone. 

My heart does a little flip whenever I see them or I think of them. I feel embarrassed whenever someone tells me something like "giiiirl, Go get em!"

I'm scared though. I mean they are so freaking awesome and so cute and soooooo pretty!!! We've got so much in common and we get along so well. It's just all round great!

But that's why I'm scared. What if they dont like me back? I'll ruin the whole friendship. Or worse, what if they DO like me back?

Everyone I love seem to go away. So what if I loose them too?

I want to tell them about my feelings but I dont want to take the chance of losing them.

And also, what if our parents dont accept us? Would we have to keep everything a secret? I dont mind that too much but what about them?

The distance too. I'm used to it. I can handle it. But what if they cant?

Heh, look at me talking as if we're already dating. I can only wish. They're just si perfect man.

What is they turn into my first love? I dont want to loose them too...